Autumn Jewels

Posted 15/1/2018

World Inspired Tents Open Weekend in October 2017 provided another opportunity for styling in their lovely tipis. The theme was rich, jewel colours, which is a gorgeous palette for autumn & winter events. Stationery for the long & short tables was by Knots & Kisses , the floral arrangement on the round table was by Dartmoor Flowers & all the coloured goblets were from Keeping it Vintage

For my long table, I took inspiration from the Scottish Highlands & filled the central space with pots of heather, ornamental cabbages & bottles of flowers on a grey hessian runner. For the place settings I used dyed muslin napkins in tartan cuffs, pheasant feathers & a whisky cocktail. 


I chose a Gothic style for my short table as I wanted to include deep purples & vivid wine tones. I added flowers to metal votives, which I fixed to bronze & brass candlesticks, with flower-filled brass & copper goblets & jugs on slate platters as a table runner. Richly coloured fruit such as plums & figs, rose gold cutlery & hand-dyed silk ribbons all contributed to the opulent look. 


My round table was focused on an elegant, classic style with a gorgeous floral centrepiece. I made parcels as favours with hand-dyed silk ribbons & watercolour place names made from rag paper. Ruby glass votives & lilac cocktails toned with the wine & grey of the hand-dyed linen napkins & table runner. 

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